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Question : When will the product or products I purchased be shipped?

Reply : From our online store  Orders placed before 14:00 will be shipped on the same day, orders placed after 14:00 will be shipped the next day. Orders placed on the weekend are shipped on Monday.  

Question :  What should I do first when I receive the products I purchased?

Reply :  When the product or products you have purchased reaches you, you should read the user manuals in the product boxes and make your products ready for use.

Question :  The product I purchased has not arrived yet, what should I do?

The cargo tracking information of the product or products you have purchased from our online store will be sent to your e-mail account and mobile phone, which you have given during the order, as an SMS.  is transmitted. You can find out the current location of your cargo on the website.

You can return the product you have purchased within 14 days without giving any reason, at your own expense.  

NOTE: The products you have received in the return process, together with the accessories  must be sent in their original packaging. Otherwise, the refund cannot be made.
Before making a return, information should be given via our line 0850 346 65 22 or via the contact form.

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